A Really Big Inspiration To Me

I remember checking in on the Lancaster University news site shortly after this happened in 2009 and seeing this video clip. I had no idea who Kevin Roberts was before seeing this video but since then I have been following his blog and KR Connect religiously!

Listening to Kevin talk to the new graduates I felt like I could identify with the people he was talking to as I had sat in the same hall just 5 years before. Kevin was talking about a way of living life that I wanted for myself. As I heard the words I also knew that this life wasn’t the one I was living. I wrote down Kevin’s advice for making decisions and have come back to it when I have been making decisions since.

I don’t think I can say anymore because what Kevin says kind of speaks for itself. If this doesn’t inspire and motivate you to be and do your best then I don’t know what will.

Thank You Kevin!

Kevin Roberts Honorary Graduation
(Scroll to 9:30 for Kevin)


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Chef living in Henley-on-Thames working for Weber BBQ's UK. Passionate about food and championing local/niche suppliers. Available for private catering, in-home cooking lessons and menu consultation. In this blog I hope to honestly share some of my journey with you, the highs and the lows, as well as post thoughts that have provoked me and made me think about something in my life, or in the larger world, in a slightly different way. These are my thoughts and my interpretations and questions on any given topic. I love the kinds of questions that make us look at an aspect of our life and delve into it more than usual. I hope you enjoy!

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